Recycled wood from torn-down houses. Dimensions variable; stacked layers are built to rise and expand centrifugally until the structure is constrained by the walls of whatever space it occupies. (pictured: 7’ x 17’ x 17’) Hole was exhibited at Threewalls Gallery in Chicago in 2012 as part of a solo exhibition "Still, yet, else, further, again..." and (again) in Chicago in 2013 at Hairpin Gallery as part of a group exhibition "The Presence of Absence." In 2016, Hole traveled by container ship to Leigzig, Germany where it was exhibited in "Schichten" an exhibition curated by Lena von Geyso and Elisabeth Pichler for D21 Gallery. It remains in Leipzig, possibly to be re-buried in the coal mine outside the city.


Installed in solo exhibition "Still, yet, else, further, again" at threewalls gallery, Chicago, 2012

"Still, yet, else, further, again" is a loose string of synonymns for "more." Viewers had to ride up in the chair to see inside the hole, with the help of anyone willing to haul the chainfall to lift the rock counterweight (limestone and calcite from a local quarry)


Palletized, and the Mibrag coal mine