3 Acres on the Lake: DuSable Park Proposal Project

This public art project began with a small introductory exhibition at Temporary Services in Chicago, calling for proposals for how to use a small plot of undeveloped land on the city’s lakefront. The project culminated in a large exhibition of 65 proposals, submitted by Chicago area residents and international artists and architects.

The website lists the participants and features all the projects.

A catalog published by WhiteWalls, Inc, with essays by A. Laurie Palmer, Patricia Phillips and Christopher Reed, is distributed by the University of Chicago Press.

Image to right: 3 Acres (model), 2001, 12’ x 8’ x 15”, wood, foam, fabric. A topographically accurate model of DuSable Park at 1:50 scale; upholstered and made to be walked and relaxed on.