Fluß der Erinnerung

Public art project for a Senior Citizens’ Center incorporating nineteen text excerpts by writers living in the Danube basin to create a fragmented historical narrative as you travel in either direction along the 400 foot-long wall (which extended outdoors). A map of the Danube river, scaled to fit the length of the wall, but broken up and rearranged directionally, is embedded in the concrete surface behind the panels of glass on which the texts are printed. A public library, located off the hallway and accessible to the whole town, reserves a separate shelf for the books from which the wall texts are borrowed.

1999. Seniorenzentrum, Auhof; Linz, Austria. 400’ x 12’.


Thomas Bernhard, Austrian
Elias Canetti, Bulgarian
Bora Cosic, Serbian
Milo Dor, Hungarian
Peter Esterhazy, Hungarian
Barbara Frischmuth, Austrian
Peter Handke, Austrian
Panait Istrati, Romanian
Franz Kafka, Austrian-Czech
Danilo Kis, Serbian-Hungarian
Ivan Klima, Czech
Herta Muller, Romanian-German
Robert Musil, Austrian
Josef Roth, Austrian
Arthur Schnitzler, Austrian
Ilse Tielsch, Austrian
Franz Werfel, Austrian-German